Hear from Bullhorn leaders, choose from dozens of regionally-specific and product-specific sessions, arrange one-to-one meetings with marketplace partners and Bullhorn experts, and network with like-minded recruitment professionals through engaging roundtable discussions.


Breakout sessions, speakers, and additional details to come!

Thursday 5th November 2020

9:00-9:30 GMT | 10:00-10:30 CET

Conference Opens

9:30-10:15 GMT | 10:30-11:15 CET

General Session
Vision For Innovation with Matt Fischer, Bullhorn President and CTO
Join Matt Fischer, President and CTO, and key executives on the Product team, for the Bullhorn Vision for Innovation presentation, which showcases both the immediate roadmap and aspirational advancements in Bullhorn’s product lineup to help you drive better engagement, productivity, and growth. Matt will share Bullhorn’s strategic vision for helping companies continue to innovate, differentiate, and stay ahead of the competition.

Matt Fischer


10:15-11:00 GMT | 11:15-12:00 CET

General Session
Marketplace Speed Pitch
Technology is driving recruitment industry innovation but most agencies don’t take advantage of all the solutions at their disposal within the Bullhorn recruitment ecosystem. In this session, you'll learn how to leverage the Bullhorn platform and partner solutions, without being a technology expert, to drive success and increase your profitability.

11:00-11:15 GMT | 12:00-12:15 CET


11:15-12:30 GMT | 12:15-13:30 CET

Roundtable Discussions and Networking with Bullhorn Experts and Marketplace Partners

12:30-13:15 GMT | 13:30-14:15 CET

Breakouts I

13:15-14:00 GMT | 14:15-15:00 CET

Breakouts II

14:00-14:45 GMT | 15:00-15:45 CET

Breakouts III

14:45-15:00 GMT | 15:45-16:00 CET


15:00-16:30 GMT | 16:00-17:30 CET

Roundtable Discussions and Networking with Bullhorn Experts and Marketplace Partners

16:30 GMT | 17:30 CET

Conference Concludes