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The first business of its kind, Broadbean has successfully delivered global job distribution services to an array of businesses worldwide for almost 20 years.

Growing substantially since our inception, we are able to offer unrivalled advertising coverage; boasting the industry’s largest network of job board and ATS/CRM integrations. We are also able to provide our clients with added value in the form of recruitment data and insight, as well as full support from both our customer service experts and dedicated Account Managers. All of this means our clients can confidently utilise the Broadbean solution to get real results. It is our goal to work with clients to inform and optimise their recruiting strategy, cut costs, improve efficiency and drive maximum impact.

As a global leader, we have 90% of the world’s top 20 recruitment agencies on our books. Through our extensive networks worldwide, we’re able to provide robust data and insights into the future of hiring, including the latest innovation in recruitment software and developments in artificial intelligence.

CloudCall’s mission is to find simple truths in communications complexity. Our communications platform provides intelligence for businesses through enabling and capturing calls, chats and collaboration to deliver a single view of multi-channel customer interactions. This turns conversations into insights that help businesses grow in a complex world.

Features such as click to dial, SMS and screen pops make CloudCall the quickest and simplest way to communicate with your contacts, directly from your CRM, wherever you are.

cube19 helps staffing firms to achieve highly scalable growth. Sitting seamlessly within Bullhorn, the platform delivers simple to understand Actionable Insights that show every member of staff, from senior staffing executives to recruiters, how to improve client value and increase return on effort. 

As a Global Alliance Partner of Bullhorn, hundreds of recruitment companies trust cube19 to optimise their two greatest assets - their people and their data. Sign up for a 15-minute demo today for your chance to win the ultimate virtual reality gaming and fitness experience worth over £300.


DaXtra creates innovative recruitment technology which integrates directly into your Bullhorn ATS. Our search and match, aggregation, automation and parsing technology is built on AI and machine learning.

Search across your Bullhorn database and multiple online recruitment channels simultaneously, with candidates intelligently ranked and shortlisted. Match candidates to jobs based on the context of terms used on job descriptions and CVs. Manage candidate data easily with automated loading and deduplication of candidates within Bullhorn.

Our 2,500+ clients globally run more than 2 million searches and process over 100 million CVs a month across 40+ languages.

Our technology integrates seamlessly into your workflows to enhance your recruitment process. We help our clients save time, increase efficiency and find better candidates faster.

Kyloe Partners are your Bullhorn specialists. Our products and custom solutions have helped 800+ companies of all sizes and complexities to get the most out of Bullhorn. We help you save time and money, win more business, and ultimately maximize ROI.

Cleanse your data with Kyloe DataTools and automate your client & candidate documentation with Kyloe AwesomeDocs. Or, opt for a customization that solves your unique pain points; there’s almost nothing we haven’t done!

Moving to Bullhorn or need to merge data following an acquisition? Picking the right partner is the first step. We’ve completed 250+ implementations and can train your users – you’re in safe hands.

Our award winning Pixid VMS technology is deployed in 21 countries, to 130,000 end-client sites by 8,500 recruitment agency branches - processing over 230,000 assignments a day. 

The only mid-market VMS with two way Bullhorn integration, Pixid VMS is a plug and play, fast to deploy online Vendor Management System, giving you and your clients end-to-end visibility, control and governance of your contingent workforce processes.

SourceBreaker’s AI-matching technology allows recruiters to find the best talent first, across your CRM, CV-Databases and LinkedIn.  

Candidates are then matched to job leads, creating multiple placement opportunities, increasing revenue per recruiter and freeing your team for meaningful interactions. 

Automated alerts notify you when new talent and leads hit the market. 

Recruiters are then enabled to differentiate themselves in the market with up-to-the-minute news, salary trends and funding data via the newly launched Intel Centre.

Textkernel’s AI-powered solutions seamlessly integrate into your Bullhorn workflow for more efficient recruiting. It’s never been easier to capture candidate data, one-click search multiple CV databases, find better matching candidates and discover new leads. Boost productivity, reduce time-to-fill and increase placements with multilingual CV parsing, semantic search and big data today.

Connect with us to learn how our AI-powered technology integrated into your Bullhorn environment helps you transform your business.

Whatfix is a Digital Adoption Solution that disrupts Application Training, Learning, and Support content by providing Contextual, Interactive, Real-Time, and Autonomous user guidance - driving additional adoption and productivity gains. Whatfix has a proven record of increasing employee productivity by 35%, reducing training time and costs by 60%, reducing employee case tickets by 50%, and increasing application data accuracy by 20%.



Turn Strategy into Reality with Bullhorn Technology and 1218 Global. 1218 Global is a certified Bullhorn Partner that supports the entire Bullhorn platform.  We deliver prepackaged implementation and integration solutions to front office, middle office and back-office systems, simplifying and streamlining these functions. We help companies of all sizes eliminate manual processes and non-integrated systems by delivering  transformative  solutions.   1218 Global is highly recognised in the Staffing Industry for its depth of experience in the industry and decades of consulting and delivery experience.

3DIQ for Bullhorn is a recruiter’s secret weapon. This powerful, automated, CV submission platform cuts client response time in half and generates 10% more hires for your recruiting business.

Designed to fully integrate with Bullhorn, 3DIQ is a plug-in-and-go tool that allows you to work within the ATS. Recruiters can now easily submit CVs, and get real-time responses from clients.

3DIQ also offers a full-featured client portal allowing your clients to view jobs, candidates, and real-time status updates using a password-protected login.

Candidately is the new way staffing companies present candidates to their customers. A simple digital link lets your customers access your candidate submissions from anywhere and anytime. We cut client feedback times in half, provide you with instant analytics and a live chat that lets you collaborate with your customers in real time. You call it a client portal, we call it the digital storefront for forward-thinking staffing companies.

Hinterview is a world-class video platform built by recruiters, for recruiters.

Take your recruitment process to the next level within the world of remote work without sacrificing the personal touch. Video will help you to improve response rates, win better business and shorten the hiring process. 

Not only are we best-in-class for GDPR-compliance but our platform has been built with a commitment to privacy and data security. Our customer success team is unrivalled offering effective training to ensure that you achieve optimum ROI potential from the software.

Hinterview fits with Bullhorn workflows like no other video platform. This integration is seamless, meaning you can use all Hinterview features within your existing Bullhorn workflows. Using Hinterview within Bullhorn will give you everything you need to win more clients and engage the best candidates.

Odro is the UK’s leading video software provider to the recruitment industry, developed specifically to help agencies streamline their processes and drive profitability. Odro equips recruiters with advanced interviewing, sales messaging and video content creation tools in one complete, end-to-end solution. On top, Bullhorn users benefit from a slick and seamless integration that dramatically increases efficiency and improves workflows when using in tandem with your CRM.

Newbury Partners is a business process and IT services consulting firm specialising in Bullhorn for the Staffing Industry. We assist Bullhorn clients with software implementation, optimisation, data migration, customisations, automation, Canvas reporting, training and support.

Newbury is Bullhorn’s largest and most experienced System Integrator and has been implementing staffing industry applications since 2005. Your company will benefit from our experience with Front Office and Pay/Bill systems for top 100 staffing firms and our deep understanding of best practices for digital transformation.

Just as the North Star gave navigators something to rely on as they charted their epic journeys, Access NorthStar helps you navigate your way to success!

Access NorthStar is a powerful cloud-based business improvement and productivity tool that integrates directly with your Bullhorn CRM, enabling your agency to turn information into intelligence, and data into decisions. Helping your consultants to be more successful every day, your managers to see the bigger picture, and your business to grow sustainably.

Volcanic is the global leader in recruitment websites that accelerate candidate attraction and client engagement. We create beautiful websites powered by our fully secure SaaS platform that is integrated with Bullhorn and multi-posters for better efficiencies.

Our platform has been designed exclusively for recruiters to amplify their online presence through a world-class content management system, GoogleForJobs optimised job posting, SEO monitoring tools, compliant candidate portals and an advanced reporting suite.

At VONQ we publish jobs online - uncomplicated and more successful for everyone. 

We know how to distribute your vacancies whether you’re looking for 30 top talent roles or need to manage 30,000 job ads. VONQ Job Distribution Suite has the matching solution. So take the guesswork and complexity out of choosing which channels to post on and tracking which sources deliver candidates! With reliable job distribution automation, data-driven channel recommendations, programmatic advertising options, recruitment marketing experts and meaningful reports. Then buy only the channels you need—all from one suite. 

You no longer have to hassle with advertising contracts or repeat the same tasks, because we do that for you. You get back time, access to a wider & more diverse candidate pool, the power to optimize hiring ROI and get your vacancies filled faster. 

Today, over 1000 leading companies - including over 25 Global Fortune 500s - use VONQ every day to strengthen their employer brand and recruit talent. With a global network of partners who implement our technology seamlessly in their HR tech, you can use VONQ job distribution wherever you are, no matter what applicant tracking system you use.