12th October 2021

In 2020, we made the difficult decision to bring our Engage conference online, and while we’re eager to get back to hosting you all in person, we also want to make sure that we wait until it’s safe to do so. With that said, we’re very excited to bring you EngageX Europe 2021, the immersive online experience, so that you can enjoy all the things you love about Engage from the comfort of your home!

Join thousands of recruitment professionals in one (virtual) space to learn, network, knowledge-share, and everything in between. 

What to Expect at EngageX Europe 2021


Experience Live and On-Demand Content

Join the EngageX Europe experience live or explore on-demand content as your schedule permits. Enjoy the same rich content and live experience you’ve come to expect from Bullhorn’s global conference series completely free.

Explore Technology Innovation and Best Practices

Hear all about ‘technology in practice.’ Learn from the Bullhorn customers and leading experts who are changing the game through recruitment technology. Attend engaging breakout sessions to get an inside look at how these recruitment pioneers are paving the way forward.


Learn Best Practices

Attend engaging breakout sessions offering best practices from real customers, strategies from product experts, and live Q&A with the Bullhorn team.


With so much content, from so many different types of speakers and experts, the Bullhorn engage events aren't just nice to attend, they are quite simply business-critical.


If you need to know what's next in recruitment tech and software, EngageX is the place for you! Overall a great day and interesting insight into the way the market is changing.
EngageX is probably the first conference during the COVID pandemic that brought the conference to the attendees on a worldwide scale. I think it was magnificent. Bullhorn was showing the world how capable it is to provide a virtual conference in this new world.