Raymond Pennie

Founder and Director, Kyloe Partners

As Founder and Director of Kyloe Partners, I have loads of opinions on what good, great and not so good Recruitment Technology or Process looks like. Automation is the biggest change since email. I have been in the Recruitment Sector for more than 20 years, always on the commercial side before moving into technology. Kyloe Partners are unique in being Bullhorns only System Integration Partner and a Marketplace Partner.

Speaker Sessions

15:00 - 15:40 BST

Best Business Practices for Maximising ROI: What Partners See from Innovative Agencies

Join our panel discussion to hear some of our partners discuss which best practices the most innovative recruitment agencies are implementing today. We’re at an inflection point in technology for the recruitment space, and nobody is better positioned to see what works and what doesn’t than Bullhorn’s partner ecosystem.