Philip Divilly

Managing Director, Quay Appointments

Phil holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies. 

With over 14 years recruitment experience, Phil started his recruitment career in Ireland in the Finance & Accounting market. He moved to Sydney in 2009 and has been recruiting white collar positions across corporate services in the government and private sector ever since.

Phil has a passion for all things tech that enables us to combine people and processes to get a better outcome with speed & quality.

Speaker Sessions

3:10 PM - 3:50 PM

What's in Your Tech Stack?

How do you scale your recruitment operations through increased productivity facilitated by a full technology ecosystem? Is it true that recruitment companies of tomorrow will actually be technology companies that do recruitment? This panel of seasoned technology leaders, led by Bullhorn’s General Manager Aaron McIntosh, will focus on strategies for navigating internal and external obstacles to digital transformation, and creative ways for utilising and incorporating a variety of ecosystem technologies that are complementary to Bullhorn, such as Marketplace partners.