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Highlights from Engage Boston

At Engage Boston 2024, we came together as a staffing community to hear from industry leaders, discover staffing innovations and best practices, and learn together.

Whether you joined us in person or are looking to learn more about what we covered at Engage, you’re in the right place. 

Watch Bullhorn CEO and Founder Art Papas’ keynote, read the recaps, and explore top takeaways from Engage below.


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During his keynote session, Art Papas, CEO & Co-Founder of Bullhorn, spoke about how staffing firms are navigating a challenging market by leveraging AI to transform data into actionable insights.


In the Vision for Innovation presentation, Bullhorn leaders Matt Fischer, President and COO, and Jason Heilman, SVP-Product, Automation and AI, showcased the latest advancements to Bullhorn’s suite of AI capabilities. Matt and Jason highlighted how staffing firms can use AI to decrease time to fill, improve quality and consistency, and achieve greater scale by combining AI with automation.


Key takeaway slides

Discover the key takeaways from every session at Engage Boston. Dive into the insights from industry leaders and learnings to propel your business forward.

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Engage Boston recap

What happened at Engage Boston? Read this blog to discover the top themes and topics discussed at this year's event, including the key insights from Art Papas' keynote session.

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Opening Keynote recap

During his opening keynote, Art Papas looked back at how far the industry has come, how staffing firms are navigating a challenging market by leveraging AI, and the improvements early adopters are already seeing.

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Vision for Innovation recap

During their session, Matt Fischer, President and COO, and Jason Heilman, SVP Product – Automation and AI, shared Bullhorn’s approach to AI, and what the future of staffing AI might look like.

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Bullhorn customer success and product experts shared proven playbooks for addressing some of your top
business priorities. Dive deeper into these topics with the resources below.

The smarter way to win business

The smarter way to win new business

By combining best practices with a platform powered by automation and AI, your team can take their business development to the next level.

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How to thrive in an uncertain economy

As the economy experiences unprecedented uncertainties, it’s critical for to plan for potential challenges and potential opportunities

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Uncover new opportunities in 2024

This is the year of business development. The question is, how do we excel at BD? And how can we improve our BD processes?

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How to digitize your talent strategy

Become an insights-driven organization with Connected Recruiting

The firms winning in today’s market are optimizing their businesses using the Connected Recruiting framework.

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How to efficiently manage credentialing at scale

Efficient credentialing is critical to clearing providers to start work faster while ensuring compliance. See how you can use Bullhorn to manage your credentialing process at scale.

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9 essential Connected Recruiting KPIs

You wouldn’t build a business without setting goals and measuring your progress. So why build a Connected Recruiting strategy without measuring your progress against the KPIs and metrics that matter?

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How to build an AI strategy that adds value in 2024

Prepare your business for AI adoption

We’re breaking down the crucial steps every staffing firm must take to ensure seamless AI implementation and adoption.

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Protecting data and preventing bias: Creating a responsible AI strategy

Hear from  Jason Heilman, SVP, Product – Automation & AI at Bullhorn, to learn more about Bullhorn’s approach to AI and what to keep in mind as you build a responsible AI strategy.

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IDR’s AI Journey

Will Hayes, Chief Operating Officer of IDR, sat down with us to discuss IDR’s newest technology journey with Bullhorn Copilot and the impact staffing AI has had for their business.

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Staffing industry research

GRID 2024 Industry Trends Report

We surveyed 1,400+ global recruitment professionals to learn their challenges, thoughts, and areas of focus for 2024. 

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GRID 2023 Talent Trends Report

What drives candidate loyalty? What is the current candidate experience? Bullhorn put together this research report to share the latest.

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Staffing Industry Indicator

The US staffing industry functions as a leading indicator for the broader economy and labor market. The SIA | Bullhorn Staffing Indicator offers business leaders and investors valuable forward-looking insight.

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Healthcare Industry Spotlight

See what 150+ healthcare staffing pros understand say about their priorities and expectations for the coming year. 

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Light Industrial Talent Report

What does it take to produce a loyal, engaged clerical/light industrial talent community? We surveyed 300+ workers to find out. 

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