Catherine Carangelo

Vice President, Marketing, Bullhorn

As the Vice President of Marketing at Bullhorn, Catherine leads the company’s demand generation and marketing operations organisations across the globe. Over her tenure, she’s overseen several marketing functions including marketing programs, operations, business development, content and communications, and events, including the global Engage conference series. She is passionate about marketing technology, building high-performing teams, and leveraging both to drive for results. Catherine has a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies from Providence College.

Speaker Sessions

2.55 - 3.40 PM

Mastering onboarding: Meeting the expectations of today's talent

In order to create an incredible talent experience, you need to consider every interaction your team has with a candidate and make it as frictionless as possible. And while there are countless moments throughout their journey to dig into, this session is going to zero in on the onboarding experience specifically – what talent expect, what the process looks like today, and what you can do to change it for the better. Hear specific examples of how Bullhorn customers are using Bullhorn Onboarding to drive real results, remove the manual back and forth, and exceed candidate expectations.

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