Lizzie Rayner

Senior Sales Manager, SMB International, Bullhorn

Having started life at Bullhorn as the UK BDR, Lizzie now runs the International SMB team. Lizzie has worked with hundreds of recruitment companies across her 9 years at Bullhorn and has loved learning from each unique business process. She is always keen to see companies leverage technology to grow and succeed in the recruitment industry.

Speaker Sessions

Tuesday, 10 September | 11:45 - 12:30

Material Gains: Tips and Tricks for Maximising Your Bullhorn Investment

King's Suite

Back by popular demand, is one of the most popular breakout sessions of Engage London! Lizzie Rayner, Pedro Amaro, and Jordan Hamilton of Bullhorn, are product and sales experts by day, and stand-up comedians by night. No, not really, but you’d be none the wiser to see these three on stage discussing best practices for making the most of the Bullhorn platform with tips and tricks (and possibly some goodies thrown in for good measure). This is not to be missed!