James Johnson

Group CEO, Nicoll Curtin

James Johnson is a management specialist and award-winning entrepreneur who came to recruitment late! He is the CEO of Nicoll Curtin, the global technology & change recruitment Group, which has won awards for customer experience, client service and diversity & inclusion.

Everything he does is driven by the belief that if you have the best people you win!”

Speaker Sessions

Tuesday, 10 September | 15:45 - 16:30

Diversity and Inclusion: Culture as a Business Driver

Palace Suite

There’s no debate anymore - diverse companies are more profitable, deliver better customer value, and have reduced internal attrition. Additionally, with new legislation in various countries mandating female and minority representation on corporate boards and in the interview process, complicated by a historically low unemployment rate and dearth of talent, the need for strategies to increase access to diverse candidates has never been stronger. So why aren’t all recruiters, at this point, experts in finding diverse talent and ensuring these employees feel included in their company culture? The answer could stem from any number of things - changing definitions of “diversity,” an unwillingness to look beyond traditional recruitment methods, or the inability to successfully coach and train internal talent. In this panel, moderated by Dominic Herbert, we’ll quickly change that - taking a frank, honest look at what it takes to increase your diverse pipeline and keep those candidates engaged and happy for the entirety of their assignment and beyond.