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CloudCall provides telephony and messaging tools natively integrated with Bullhorn, giving recruiters the edge to reach the winning candidate, faster. Make calls or send texts and instant messages from a single platform while automatically storing interactions within Bullhorn from your desktop or mobile device. Advanced communications features include click-to-call, tearsheet power dialing, pop-up notes, call recordings, and more. No other vendor is as tightly integrated with Bullhorn to minimise clicks and capture more actionable data.

The #1 growth analytics platform for the global recruitment industry. Integrating with CRMs to optimise every agency's two greatest assets. Its people and data. Embedded in your CRM, cube19 provides on-demand analytics, real-time reporting and insights to drive the performance of every individual, client and the revenue they create.

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Daxtra is a world-leading specialist in high accuracy, multilingual CV and job parsing, semantic search, matching and aggregation technology. Innovating in recruitment automation software since 2002, we have been a Bullhorn Marketplace partner from the start. We support 40+ languages and serve our clients globally through our UK headquarters and offices across the US.

JXT Global provides an omnichannel digital recruitment marketing platform. Our cloud-based technology empowers you to create personalised candidate and client journeys, get actionable insights and increase conversion rates. JXT's user-friendly interface, combined with cutting-edge job board technology puts the power to create impactful campaigns in your hands. In collaboration with Bullhorn, we have developed end-to-end workflows allowing you to utilise the power of an integrated platform to attract, engage and convert more candidates.

Save up to 45 minutes a day with Kyloe apps. Get more from your Bullhorn experience with our pioneering recruitment specific apps and integrations. Kyloe+ enhances your Bullhorn system with niche industry specific add-ons, making it more personalised to your business needs.

Sourcebreaker is an award-winning AI driven End-to-End Search platform that finds Recruiters more of the best candidates, then at the click of a button, matches them to multiple live vacancies, providing multiple opportunities to place every candidate found in seconds.

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Actonomy provides intelligent search & matching software based on a unique combination of artificial intelligence and linguistic processing. Actonomy's software understands what a recruiter is looking for and as such at allows to find better candidates faster. Actonomy's platform is highly configurable and flexible to adapt to recruiter's needs.

Using extensive experience from working with leading staffing businesses, FastTrack360 Back Office now gives Bullhorn customers powerful cloud recruitment software to easily capture timesheets online so you can turn your paydays into pay minutes. Using our unique 360Connect technology, you can seamlessly integrate FastTrack360 Back Office's powerful timesheet, payroll and billing functionality with your current Bullhorn system. Remove the need for multiple software systems with the efficiency of a single end-to-end cloud platform to manage your entire recruitment process.

One Platform. More possibilities.

Idibu is a mobile-friendly, candidate attraction software designed to deliver a pipeline of fresh talent into Bullhorn.

We post jobs on job-boards, social media, company websites and job search-engines (Indeed, Google for Jobs) and push customer, searchable, applicant data back into Bullhorn to progress candidates through your recruitment workflow.

Idibu is used by over 500 recruiters across the UK, ANZ & the US.

LogicMelon offers job distribution technology that is integrated with the Bullhorn platform. Post jobs to multiple destinations, including 3,000 + job boards, social media sites, and niche sites. Track all of your posting activity in one centralized location. Our integration allows job and candidate information to flow seamlessly and creates a single solution for a recruiter’s needs.

Newbury SI Group is a business process and IT services consulting firm specialising in the Staffing/Recruitment Industry. We assist Bullhorn clients with software implementation, optimisation, data migration, customisations, Canvas reporting, training and support.

Newbury has been implementing staffing industry applications for over 12 years. Your company will benefit from our experience with Front office and Pay/Bill systems for top 100 staffing firms and our deep understanding of best practices.

Together, we build and measure successful candidate journeys. We do this by connecting with all relevant data sources within your recruitment with our data platform. With this unified view of your recruitment data, we understand what channels, messaging and assets are important in the candidate journey as well as which of your candidates in the database are actively engaging with your digital assets.