Cindy Pasky

Cindy Pasky

Founder, President, CEO, Strategic Staffing Solutions

Speaker Sessions

Thursday, June 14th | 3:45 PM - 4:30 PM

Relationships Above All Else: Creating a Culture that Builds Long-Term Trust

Back Bay D

There is absolutely no challenge more often cited in the staffing industry than the skills shortage. But what if this skills shortage doesn’t really exist? Cindy Pasky, Founder, President, and CEO of Strategic Staffing Solutions, believes that there really isn’t a skills shortage if you know where to look, but that requires asking yourself the hard questions: do you have inherent biases that you need to overcome? Are you nurturing a corporate and candidate culture that appeals to marginalized but qualified talent pools such as veterans, returning mothers, and the LGBT community? Cindy will discuss how Strategic Staffing Solutions’ unique and thriving culture has helped the company attract a huge and loyal roster of consultants, how they leverage technology to make their recruiters even more human and effective at their jobs, and speak about the figurative, and literal, flags they fly as a business.