Simon Cleaver

CEO, CloudCall

Simon Cleaver joined CloudCall in 2012 as CEO, responsible for the company’s strategic direction and development, day-to-day operations, and investor relations. As CEO, Simon shifted the focus of CloudCall from general telephony to a company dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of staffing and recruitment professionals. He developed a deep understanding of how to apply technology to address many of the most pressing operational challenges in recruitment. Under his leadership, CloudCall integrated their cloud-based telephony with the leading ATS / CRM systems used by staffing and recruitment firms in the US and UK. Cleaver took CloudCall public in 2012.

Simon has 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and director, and an impressive track record of building, developing and selling successful businesses. He also specializes in acquiring and turning around distressed companies. Businesses that he has built and sold include Serve Logic plc, Business Serve plc, RDP Ltd and Dalehart Ltd. Simon has earned a degree in Chemistry from De Montfort University.

Speaker Sessions

15:45 - 16:30

Millennials, Messaging, and Recruiting: Opportunity, or Risk?

Palace Suite

The rise of messaging and social media in recruiting, particularly amongst Millennials, presents opportunities as well as risks. The good news: the many forms of messaging channels preferred by Millennials elicit rapid responses, build relationships, and speed job placements. The bad news: few if any of these conversations are captured inside of your CRM. Further, the resulting relationships are tied to your staffs’ personal smartphones – yes, the same staff that churns way too frequently. Simon Cleaver, CEO of CloudCall, will discuss the implications for recruitment and staffing, and present alternatives for finding business advantages while improving the candidate experience.