Louise Triance

Managing Director, UK Recruiter

28 years within the recruitment industry.

Recruitment industry fixer, host of recruitment events and technology showcases as well as a trained psychometric assessor.

Created and runs the UK Recruiter knowledge network which was established back before recruitment networking even existed. The network is the most comprehensive set of information, services and links to all in the UK recruitment industry.  Over the past 20 years has over one hundred events for recruiters, blogged regularly for more than 10 years and published in excess of 800 weekly newsletters to an organically grown network of 30,000+ recruitment professionals.

Specialities: community building, recruitment sector, writing for recruitment publications, using the internet for recruitment purposes, event organisation, connecting people, consulting, networking and advertising.

Speaker Sessions

14:15 - 15:00

Growing Customer Relationships in Post-GDPR Europe

King's Suite

With the rollout of the GDPR on 25 May, recruitment companies are under increasing limitations and scrutiny in how they prospect to and engage with potential customers. With unemployment at historic lows and the skills shortage at historic highs, the need for diversification of clients is unprecedented, and firms must strike a balance between creativity and innovation in their marketing, and judiciousness in their data protection practices, in order to succeed and thrive. This panel of seasoned practitioners who have orchestrated their firms’ compliance with the GDPR will share best practices and lessons learned in making the most of building customer relationships post-legislation.