James Osborne

Chairman, The Recruitment Network

James is an award-winning business consultant, advisor, and entrepreneur, with an international board level background in the staffing and recruitment sector.

For the past 14 years, James has worked with recruitment business leaders, helping them to achieve significant growth, performance improvement and competitive advantages acting as a Non-Executive Director, consultant, trainer, and strategist for numerous fast growth recruitment businesses. James is a passionate speaker on behalf of the staffing and recruitment sector and is the Chairman of The Recruitment Network, the fastest-growing global support and advisory club for recruitment business leaders.


Speaker Sessions

11:30 - 12:15

More than a Warm Body: Talent Retention and Long-Term Agency Growth

Windsor Suite

The continuing skills and talent deficit in the recruitment industry is constricting the progression and sustainability of recruitment organisations looking to future-proof their growth and, in turn, outperform the rest of the market. Recruitment leaders who deliver a well-considered attraction and engagement strategy that focuses on their internal talent create very compelling value propositions and gain access to the lost revenue opportunities of their competitors who struggle to attract and retain their people. Using the latest trends and data from TRN’s Employee Engagement Index, James Osborne will take an interactive deep dive into what really drives motivation and engagement across the recruitment sector and how to create an effective marriage between people, technology, and strategic positioning.