Mark Hummel

Director of Sales and Strategy, Fyre, Bullhorn

Mark Hummel is Bullhorn’s Director of Sales and Strategy for Fyre. He leads the global go-to-market strategy for Bullhorn’s VMS automation solution. Mark first experienced working with VMS technology as a National Account Manager at a top 20 US staffing firm. He then joined the Fyre team which became part of Bullhorn in 2017 via acquisition. He has had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of staffing firms, ranging in size from ten users to thousands of users, to discover and analyze their VMS recruiting processes. Mark is a proud alumni of the University of Central Florida and embodies the same “against the grain” mentality that allowed UCF to deem themselves 2017 NCAA Football National Champions and almost upset everyone’s 2019 NCAA men’s basketball bracket after almost beating Duke.

Speaker Sessions

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM | Thursday, June 13th

Future of the Talent Supply Chain - Panel

Back Bay D, 2nd Floor

Vendor management systems are the industry standard for large-scale contingent labor allocation, but the relationship between VMS providers, staffing agencies, and large buyers of labor is relatively fraught. The bottom line is that competing on VMS business is a critical competitive advantage, and Fortune 500 companies have compelling reasons for leveraging VMS providers like Beeline to intermediate their engagements with staffing providers. Join Bullhorn’s Mark Hummel for this insightful panel featuring every player in the VMS ecosystem - enterprise staffing agency ManpowerGroup, VMS provider Beeline, and a mutual Fortune 500 client for a panel on the dynamics at play in these modern arrangements.

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM | Friday, June 14th

Maximizing Margins: The Future of Your VMS Business - Panel

Back Bay C, 2nd Floor

VMS is the new normal, whether you view it positively or negatively, and the firms best able to compete in an era of VMS ubiquity are the ones who maximize and prioritize speed to fill. While VMS reqs have a reputation for being low margin, and staffing firms often fear pursuing VMS business out of concern for margin compression, the truth of the matter is that VMS business can indeed be profitable with the right technology and process approach in place. Join Mark Hummel of Bullhorn and a team of experts as they discuss how to pursue VMS business profitably.