Kyle Power

Sr. Director of Interactive Marketing, CHG Healthcare Services

Kyle Power is the Sr. Director of Interactive Marketing at CHG Healthcare Services. CHG is one of the largest providers of healthcare staffing in the United States and encompasses a family of five staffing companies. The interactive marketing team is primarily responsible for generating healthcare provider inquiries for all five CHG companies as well measuring operational pull through. Kyle has been key in introducing a testing culture at CHG to increase the efficiency of its marketing spend and channel allocations. While Kyle began his career in direct mail, he quickly found analyzing its results too slow and quickly moved to the digital world where he has happily resided ever since. He moved from ecommerce to staffing and sees the technology change in ecommerce 10 years ago coming to staffing which is exciting. Kyle really appreciated a quote from Michael Eisner of Disney early in his career stating that “Failure is essential for any company to succeed” as it falls in line with Kyle’s approach of “fail fast, succeed faster.”

Speaker Sessions

10:15 AM - 11:00 AM | Thursday, June 13th

Automation with a Human Touch: Navigating the Changing World of Candidate Engagement - Panel

Back Bay D, 2nd Floor

Automation is ubiquitous, and for the first time, we’re beginning to see it serve as the foundation for enterprise-level artificial intelligence use cases that could fundamentally change the staffing industry as we know it. The more practical use case? Engaging with hard-to-find and hard-to-entice talent. How can staffing firms leverage automation and potentially AI to better connect with passive or underutilized talent? Moderated by Bullhorn’s Gordon Burnes, this session will focus on recruiting firm branding and digital marketing strategies to engage with untapped talent pools.