Rebuilding the Plane in the Middle of the Flight: How to Attract the Best Talent to Any Organization – A Non-Staffing Perspective

Day and Time: Friday, June 9th | 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Location: Independence West

Organizations must change in order to grow. And change includes bringing in new talent and skill sets. But, change is hard, and, it’s particularly hard to embrace when you’re still tasked with keeping the engines running on a daily basis. The CEO of a 30-year-old advertising agency knows this challenge all too well: how do you disrupt a business model without disrupting business, all while assembling a team poised to seize the disruption to drive growth?


In this session, hear lessons learned for striking a balance between the past, present and future. Learn how to coach leaders to thrive on changing course. And, hear how to strengthen company culture in the midst of change, and even rely on employees to become hiring ambassadors.