The Future of AI in Staffing – Finding the Balance Between Bots and Humans – Panel Discussion

Day and Time: Friday, June 9th | 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Location: Back Bay D

The purpose of this must-see panel is to address the myths and misconceptions around artificial intelligence and machine learning in the staffing industry. There is a lot of uncertainty and misinformation around the role of robotics-based automation in displacing a human workforce, however, some of these fears are misguided. Robots and humans will work together, in a “shared prosperity” model, to automate away low-value tasks and free up humans to focus on building and nurturing relationships, which luckily is what recruiters do best. The panel will feature Jay Brunetti of HireAlliance sharing his perspective as a staffing agency leader skeptical of the hype around artificial intelligence. Eyal Grayevsky, the creator of a staffing AI solution, will discuss common search-and-match tasks that have been automated through machine learning and the impact on recruiters. Jonathan Novich, Bullhorn’s VP of product strategy and a visionary developer of staffing software, will discuss which elements of the recruiting experience are likely to be automated away in the next five years, and which ones will be emboldened by humans. Adrianne Nelson of Staffing Industry Analysts will moderate.